Friday, November 18, 2005

Hybrid Cars Get Up to 250 Miles Per Gallon

Our government and automakers are keeping us hostage to the supporters of terrorism through controlling our petroleum dollars when we have the technology to cut our dependence on foreign oil drastically if not totally. This article (click here or picture at left) is an interesting look at what I'm talking about. The humanitarian thing to do is support efforts to curb America's glut of oil to help increase our national security and save our environment. A good site to learn more of the hard facts and keep informed is Set America Free and is definitely worth your time to investigate. We are closer to a realistic answer to this problem than our government and automakers would like us to know. Forget about plans that will POSSIBLY bring relief in ten or twenty years. Let's get real and see what is available to us NOW to make a difference and take our future back into our own hands. I am not so idealistic to think that it is something that can happen over night, but there has to be a better way than what is being offered to us through the "official" channels.


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