Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jennifer Aniston Chosen as GQ's First Woman of the Year

Actress Jennifer Aniston is seen posing on the December 2005 cover of GQ magazine photographed exclusively by Peggy Sirota in this undated publicity photo released November 15, 2005. Aniston is the first ever 'Woman of the Year', named for her poise, grace and good humor during her breakup with Brad Pitt this year, according to the magazine. Actor Vince Vaughn and rap artist 50 cent were also named 'Men of the Year.' REUTERS/Peggy Sirota/GQ

Mr. Bonez says, "Horndog Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer for that brazen yet oh-so-HOT bad girl with those big, luscious, pouty lips, Angelina Jolie. Jennifer remained a class act publicly and didn't stoop to airing her dirty laundry or Pitt-bashing. We could see her shock and emotional pain but she never caved to the requests for dirt from the tabloids. She deserves an award and GQ was gentlemanly in their choice of her as their first Woman of the Year for the magazine. Only wish GQ themselves had enough class to have chosen a woman who had contributed more to improving our world versus selecting a celebrity breakup victim."



TaraMetBlog said...
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TaraMetBlog said...

I concur she deserved the award, I think she's awesome, but yeah I'm sure there are more "desrving" non celeb women out there.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I think she is wonderful, and I think Jolie is wonderful, in fact I have these fantasies about both and....errrrr...never mind.