Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bi-ped Robots Duke it Out at Robo-One Grand Prix

Biped robots 'Arius' (L) and 'Metallic Fighter' fight in a ring during the Robo-One Grand Prix, a battle competition by biped robots, at the 2005 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo December 3, 2005. Robo-One Grand Prix has been providing a place where biped robots compete by way of high-end intelligent robot technical skills in composition of entertainment, organizer said. (REUTERS/Toru Hanai)

[Get your own biped robot HERE]



Anonymous said...

The "Robo-One Grand Prix" link in your post points to one about the Sharper Image robot chimp head.

Bonez said...

Thank you, I can't find a decent grand prix link so I am removing the misdirected one. Anyone find a better one?

tempusmaster said...

You're welcome.

I have videos of all the Grand Prix matches and would be happy to post a few. I did put together a short clip called Merry Robot Christmas. There are more Robo-One robot videos in the Robo-One Video Directory. If there is something specific you're looking for, then drop me an e-mail at tempusmaster.