Friday, December 02, 2005

Marilyn Merlot

I love red wine, however, here is one I am not sure I would want to drink since it is such a collectible. It is labeled with a similar photo from the series of Marilyn Monroe shots that was used as the first Playboy centerfold. Another neat-o factor is it also has the distinction that you can peel off the bikini if you can't restrain yourself.

Marilyn wines are scarce and rise in value quickly. If you are a Norma Jean buff and an aficionado of fine red wine then this wine would be the gift you should be asking your Santa for this year.

The website of Marilyn Wines is enjoyable to use and even offers collectors a place to trade their collections with other wine enthusiasts. Another neat feature is that every wine has a definition and a unique Marilyn Monroe picture as reference. So even if you are not a wine drinker but still a fan of Marilyn you owe it to yourself to visit.


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Kitty said...

You know I'm heading there now . . .