Friday, December 23, 2005

Paris Hilton Spinning

Paris Hilton continues to amaze with her diverse talents to entertain legions of worldwide fans with cerebral presentations. An example of Miss Hilton's ever evolving and maturing acting prowess may be witnessed by watching the "Paris Hilton Spinning" video. Prepare yourself for an epiphany experience as Paris brings you under a spell of enchanting intellectual illusion. You will never be the same after you inundate your senses with this awe inspiring performance. Once you descend from the spiritual high induced by her exceptionally executed spin, you may further satiate your Paris cravings with an award winning classic sponsored by Hardee's during the admirable campaign to promote healthy eating combined with vehicular maintenance tips.



Murphy Jacobs said...

yer makin' me dizzy here.

gracious gods of mercy, why doesn't she find something to do where there aren't cameras? Why do so many people give a damn what (or who) she does or doesn't do?

Anonymous said...

I kept expecting her to puke into the camera!

When is this skank ho going to go away?

Bonez said...

In a way, I am guilty of perpetuating the media virus that is Paris Hilton. For that I must apologize... but I will not promise that it won't happen again. After all, I am but a red-blooded male who finds the attraction of loose women overwhelming to my hormonal instincts. That and the fact that any post with Paris Hilton in it drives up my hits from search engines and being the hit whore I am... well... nevermind (sheepish look).