Wednesday, December 21, 2005

PC History Revealed at Old Computers Dot Net

At Old Computers, there are many pictures of bygone machines that have led up to the powerful PCs we all know and love today. Although most Americans would be better at identifying the Tandy TRS 80 pictured at the left, in the UK it would be the Sinclair ZX81 which was the home computer that started the revolution in 1981. I had one and even got the colour ZX spectrum afterwards (Timex Sinclair 1500 in the US, I believe.) A wonderful site for those computer people (nerds is such a passé term) feeling nostalgic about their old computers and wondering what they even looked like again.
[Submitted by Eric V.]


Murphy Jacobs said...

What scares me most is that I remember these things. I remember a friend who ran a BBS on the TRS 80, omigod. I'm OLD!

Zeinobia said...

I still have one of these PC , I keep it for the future decoration :)

Bonez said...

Knowing and owning old equipment technology doesn't make you "old". It means that technology's growth and maturation pace outstrips our own physical maturation process. Does any of that make sense or am I only rationalizing my own old age fears? (huge grin)