Monday, December 19, 2005

Shakira at Z100 Jingle Ball 2005

ShakiraSinger Shakira performs onstage during the 'Z100 Jingle Ball 2005' at Madison Square Garden, Friday, Dec. 16, 2005, in New York. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)
Mr. Bonez sez, "Remember those good ol' days when a singer and sex goddess were not synonymous? No longer is that the case. As our world becomes more and more consumed with the beautifulness of our own bodies we seem to go deeper into the slimy abyss of mediocrity. This is not a judgment on Shakira and I would not suppose to rate her singing talents against anyone else's. But it does seem those with the flatter (and exposed) tummies and the lower riding jeans with the g-string peeking out above the waistband are the ones who gain the most recognition for their singing abilities."

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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!