Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sushi Etiquette

A comedic "documentary" on appropriate sushi etiquette. If you've heard some of the rumors or stories about how to properly eat sushi and how to hold it and how to dip it and and and... well, you will find this lighthearted jab at all that sushi formality to be fun to watch. So, all you sushi snobs out there that think you know it all... watch this and get a life. The prime rule to sushi etiquette is to have FUN!

Anyone out there up for some Nyotaimori?


Anonymous said...


I always end up with a lot of soy sauce on my chin and bits of rice on my chest.

Of course, that's usually because I've had a little too much saki.

Also, if I put the whole goddamn piece in my mouth, I usually end up choking half to death, so I take bites. I have a sushi-snob friend who can't stand it. "You have to put the whole piece in your mouth at once!" she cries and laughs at me every time. Then I say, "It's a good thing you're a nurse, beeyotch, because you're going to have to give me the heimlich if I put that that big-ass chunk of rice and raw fish in my mouth. Who's going to die if I take a couple of bites instead of one big one? Nobody. Who's going to die if I shove that whole thing in at once? Me."

Bonez said...

Unfortunately, I don't have the same problem and am able to easily put a whole sushi in my mouth... many times... which means I usually have a very large bill to pay at the end of the meal... but definitely well worth it. I absolutely LOVE sushi.