Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Victoria's Dirty Little Secret

Victoria's Secret mails more than a million catalogs a day printed on paper made from the trees of some of the last endangered forests on earth. Women (and obviously the men who love them) are paying too damn much for their underwear! Think of the wasted money to mail thousands of tons of hardcopy paper catalogs that 99.99% end up in the landfills (a separate problem). Think of the outlandish salaries anorexic models are paid to strut their exposed arses and you quickly see why a scant triangular piece of sheer gauze cloth with a string and a single faux jewel costs you 20 dollars or more. Insanity, yet we (yes, I must include myself) continue paying them to keep doing it and to kill more of our environment thus dooming the future inhabitants of this planet. Is the price to witness a woman's body clothed in the barest of fantasy-wear really worth the cost? The lustful male in me wants to shout, "HELL YEAH!" but I suddenly feel I have betrayed my children's children...
[Learn more about Victoria's Dirty Little Secret]


Colin Dardis said...

Oh, I'm torn between my want to protect the environment, and my basic male desire to lust over scantily-clad sexy ladies!!!!

Regards, Col.
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Tara Tainton said...

Yikes! I get those 5 million catalogs a month without even asking for them. I really wish they'd stop. Of course, if I never ordered from VS, they wouldn't send them to me. :( But I always end up shopping online anyway. I'm the type that always requests online billing, online correspondence, and NO bags at the video store. :)

Thanks for the info; that's something I didn't know. Maybe VS would respond to a customer's request to end the paper mailings?

PS. I love to see you're still blogging and look forward to that future writing-focused site of yours. ;)

Kitty said...

As you know, I'm an avid VS-devotee, and I do all of my VS shopping on-line but, as Tara said, I still get catalogues (sometimes 2 or 3 in one week!). I've requested that they stop sending the paper catalogues but, so far, my requests have gone unanswered.

With this new knowledge, I am going to definitely increase my requests to more of a stronger demand for the catalogues to STOP.

Thanks for the info!

Bonez said...

We (well, my wife) get up to three Victoria's Secret catalogs a day. Yes, she orders hundreds of dollars of stuff from them every year but most of that is done out of local brick and mortar stores and not through catalog sales. I would venture to say that online sales outstrip the catalog sales so why are they still plying the old methods of lead/sales generation instead of moving with the online paperless version? What will it take to wake them up? Are we willing to do what it takes?