Thursday, January 05, 2006

George W. Bush Falling Through Spheres

Okay, turn about is only fair play. I was told about a remake of the woman falling through bubbles by replacing the bikini-clad lady with a power-suited George W. Bush by Ms. Zeinobia over at Egyptian Chronicles. So, I decided to Google it and sure enough there's ol' Dubya being battered and falling... I refuse to comment on the obvious real-life political parallels as they relate to this silly electronic diversion. Or maybe I just did. Dang it!


Murphy Jacobs said...

Heehee, I dug up about 4 of these some time ago. Not all the links are still good, but there is also a Tony Blair and one other. I'm sure sooner or later other people will be adapted for this little time waster/cruel joke. I still find the falling woman version the most fascinating, not because it's a woman but because the whole thing is just so much like life is (there is debate over whether the woman is Anne Hecht or just some ex girlfriend of the creator.)

Bonez said...

I haven't seen the others but I agree... the falling woman is much more intriguing for some odd reason. Almost mesmerizing and leaves you with a sense of guilt for staring so long. You're also right that it has nothing to do with her state of undress. Hey, I never noticed but she DOES look like Anne Hecht!