Friday, February 24, 2006

1977 Victoria's Secret Catalog

1977 Victoria's SecretsDo you remember when women with realistic bodies were considered sexy? The lingerie models of 1977 were not the anorexic stick-figured silicone-enhanced bimbots of today. Witness the 1977 Victoria's Secret catalog as proof that real women wear/wore lingerie, too, and do/did it quite well. I am a man who appreciates nostalgia and simpler, less politically correct times. I enjoyed looking through these images from a time before super models and the media perverted our ideals of sexiness and allure. I found myself wondering where we as a world had gone so terribly wrong.

[Via Geisha Asobi Blog]


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

You give me so much home work!


Bonez said...

That's why BONEZ is considered the cultural education hotspot of the internet, Blue. I wonder how many people click the links I research and take hours to make one short post? Their loss and a lost educational opportunity :)

nosta said...

True, but the girlie magazines from back then, when I was a teen, were also full of buxom babes with wider hips and NATURAL boobies with a bit of that erotic sag. Nowadays, as the girls have gotten much bigger, the pictures in the magazines have gotten full of skinny girls with fake titties...I just don't get it. The 70s-80s had fine looking full-figured we have anorexic-looking girls with humungus fake hooters.

Bonez said...

True, Nostalgiphile. I think it is because (for some reason) the "skinny girls with fake titties" have scared off the real women from the industry. Of course, the fact that the skinny girls are selling the products and the "real women" aren't has a lot to do with it, too. Maybe we should all vote with our money (which we do anyway) and only buy products that prominently feature REAL PEOPLE in their advertisements and then boycott those that feature airbrushed, siliconed, chiseled bodies of fantasy dolls posing as real people that wouldn't know a real life if it kicked them between the eyes. Sounds pretty simple to me. But... are we men and women enough to do it? Doubtfully... we are all sheep led to the slaughter by the media that controls our minds.