Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Arcade Claw Game Offers Live Lobsters as Prizes

lobster clawNow this is my kind of game machine! Drop in two dollars for the chance to catch my own live Maine lobster. This is definitely not your average local Red Lobster dining experience we're talking about here but some real hardcore lobster fanatics' dream come true. Especially if you love lobster AND those cheesy carnival arcade claw games that always seem to suck the money right out of my pockets. Ah, but to put down my money and risk it all just for the chance to grapple with my very own personally selected crustacean is akin to Ahab's obsession with harpooning Moby Dick. The little PETA angel sits on my shoulder and whispers to me that this is only further senseless, inhumane torment of a poor defenseless animal before it is needlessly and horribly killed and devoured. I guess he's not a seafood lover and promptly ignore him as I feed eight more quarters into the lobster claw vending machine. [Read More About It]

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