Friday, February 24, 2006

Exploding Dog Is Much More Than It Appears

explodingdogUpon first glance, the Exploding Dog website appears unpretentious and possibly even boring. That is until you click any one of the links to reveal a colorful picture drawn by artist/cartoonist Sam Brown from "titles" submitted to him by readers. He draws whatever comes to mind after reading the title and the images can be deeply captivating and thought provoking. I found myself unable to stop clicking from link to link trying to anticipate what image I might see from the suggested title only to be continually amazed and sometimes emotionally moved by what Sam's interpretation was. I saw some of myself in those simple pictures and believe that Mr. Brown has the gift of insight into human nature that he can translate into simple images that say so much more than you would expect. Visit Exploding Dog and you might find something of yourself there, too.

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