Thursday, February 02, 2006

Geek Erotic Theatre Presents The X-Files Strippers

geek erotic theatreOkay, the Geek in me still loves the X-Files and lusts after Scully in my wildest sweaty dreams. As a sign of my undying affections for a defunct TV show I give you the Geek Erotic Theatre's presentation of Mulder and Scully dancing and stripping. I'm not kidding! Go on over and when you are done check out the virtual stripper pens and some of the other Geekified zaniness at Geek Culture.

[Thanks to Tim K.]


Tim K said...

One of these days, I wanna hear about the "Deweys"!

Tony said...

The Who-ies? I seem to recall that name but I am not clear on your reference, TimmyBob.

Tim K said...

"George" has requested to hear his first-favorite tunes from his first-favorite DJ. (Mountains gotta move...)