Monday, February 27, 2006

Superdickery Provides New Slant on Old Comic Books

human torch versus benderI've been a fan of and have read comic books most of my life. Not until I found Superdickery.Com had I realized just how "funny" some of those funny books really are. Superdickery was started in 2004 as a forum message thread on-going joke about ridiculous comic book covers that primarily featured Superman as being a real "dick". It continued to mutate and take on a life of its own until it became a web site unto itself. Though primarily DC comics are represented there are takes on Marvel and other comic book companies including the docile Archie series. Superdickery pulls no punches about displaying all of the sexual innuendo and political incorrectness hidden inside those seemingly innocent comic books of our childhood. Filled with hundreds of images of covers and panels from original publications, you will find hours of entertainment and revelation at Superdickery.Com.


Murphy Jacobs said...

Well, that made having a cold much more entertaining. Or maybe having a cold made that much more entertaining. I dunno which. I have to sneeze now.

Bonez said...

Get better soon. Glad BONEZ could make your day a little better.