Friday, February 03, 2006

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 (Ryoni's Cut)

I consider this more of a public service announcement to make known the great efforts of Ryoni at documenting important historical moments for future generations. Such said moment occurred in December of 2005 with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show starring Vicki's Secret lingerie models in their bare necessities. This is a masterpiece of video editing and you must be patient while the large high resolution file loads. It will be well worth your time, though. For those of you with lower bandwidth considerations you may want to click here for a smaller lower rez version (11 Mb) that is more of a sneak peek.

[Via Ryoni Dot Com]

[UPDATE: Ryoni hasn't been consistent in keeping his content available to his adoring public. Thus, Bonez provides you an alternative (though not nearly as nicely composed) Video Google link to the 2005 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Enjoy!]


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I must send this home and look at it home.

Bonez said...

I thought you might be one of the first to grab it, Blue :)