Sunday, March 12, 2006

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has Mystery Illness

steve tyler inkSome unfortunate news on the Rock and Roll front with the reports of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith canceling tour dates due to an unspecified "mysterious illness" that Tyler has come down with. According Steven Tyler.Net he only has a "sore throat" and is saving his voice for the rest of the tour. That was posted on March 8th but there have been at least three more cancellations since then. This isn't the first time Tyler has been mysterious about illness. I found references to cancelled tour dates in previous years with similar stories of a "mysterious illness" attached to them. Let's hope it is only a temporary illness and Steven is all better soon. According to Billboard Aerosmith is the third most popular tour band behind U2 and Bon Jovi. (picture is Steven Tyler in pen and ink © 2004 Joe Petruccio)

[UPDATE September 26, 2006: Steven Tyler Reveals He Has Hepatitis C]


Anonymous said...

I owe Steven, and no not for sex. But he did something for me in "95" that changed my life.
Hearing these rumors that he has AIDS or cancer is making me sick.
Steven keep on doin what you been doin. You never gave up, and now isn't the time to start. Love ya.Hey if you talk to Thom Gimbel, tell him Donna is sorry for over stepping our bounds of friendship. Good luck Steven

Bill Dollar said...

Here's a clue...go to