Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pamela Anderson Demonstrates How NOT to Use Duct Tape

pamela andersonI'm sure this is old news to all Pamela Anderson fans, but when I found this at Bloggies award winner Go Fug Yourself this morning, I had to link back and share with my disloyal readers. Pamela needs a few duct tape lessons to better encase her bountiful cleavage in her revealing outfits. Another thing, those hefty melons look like they would be somewhat uncomfortable to tote around and probably now rival C&W diva Dolly Parton's prized rack. Is it just me or are Pamela's getting bigger?
[Via Go Fug Yourself]


CW FISHER said...

Tony O'Conner! Bonez rulez. I like the breasts. You put on a new blog the way others change suits. Thoroughly enjoyable. Now dig me up some selbrity stretch marks.

Bonez said...

Thank you, CW. I wish I were only half as prolific of a writer as you are, though. Glad you visited and hope to see you back here soon. I am already beginning my research on the Celebrity Stretch-Marks.