Friday, March 24, 2006

Stupid Girls and Women's Role Models

pink stupid girlsI've not been a real Pink fan up to this point, but her new single "Stupid Girls" from her upcoming album "I'm Not Dead" may just change my mind. She pokes fun at the likes of Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton along with other very easy targets claiming they are negative influences on today's young women. I don't necessarily disagree, but I do wonder just how much of a real positive role model Ms. Pink is herself. Click the image view the video.
[Stupid Girls Lyrics]


Anonymous said...

Like you, I wasn't entranced by Ms. Pink (the name alone)... but I saw the video a few days ago, and it's a step in the right direction for her. Very funny video.

Like your blog!

Bonez said...

Thank you for visiting Bonez, Fragileindustries, and glad you like the blog. Feel free to visit anytime and suggest possible topics for posts.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Great video!

Bonez said...

It definitely has a message and I have always liked spoofs of pop culture icons.