Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Water Powered Car a Reality?

water powered carI can't authenticate the veracity of the claims of this video, but if it is true then why aren't all proponents of alternative energy sources investigating and negotiating with this guy? Converting plain water into HHO for super hot torches that don't burn human skin and water-powered cars? Amazing!
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The_Refi_Guy said...

when was this Video released ? the first guy to produce this was mysteriously killed in 1998 , he had it so every gas powered engine could run off of water , the Saudis offered him over 1 billion in CASH to sit on the knowledge ... hmmmmm our government @ Work arround the world.the following link explains it all and is 16 minutes long please enjoy

Bonez said...

Thank you for the visit and comment, Mr. Refi. I will check out your link with interest. I am not sure of the release date of the video I linked to but will research it some more.

nseidm1 said...

There are at least three other companies working with the same technology. HHO is a subspecies of Brown's Gas, check out wikipedia for more information.