Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Free Implants Commercial

my free implantsMy Free Implants isn't a joke commercial but a sincere attempt to generate interest and donations for women who want free breast implants. Of course, someone has to pay for those prize boobies so the women tease strange men through e-mails and chats to donate money to their cause. It is comical and bizarre.
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Anonymous said...

Im one of the girls on MFI, and I think its wonderful!! The men I have met are all very respectful and very nice! I have made genuine friendships!

Bonez said...

Interesting, Ms. Anonymous, that you are so confident in the program and comfortable with your new found men friends that you openly identify yourself so that others may assist you in your quest for the perfect set of boobs. I am all for women having the choice and ability to do with their bodies as they see fit. I am not for the obvious electronic firtations and emotional prostituting the women of My Free Implants seem so happy to dish out in order to raise money from gullible and possibly perverse strangers.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about joining MFI. How does it work? I'm sure the women are showing some skin in order for the men to donate money.. correct? It seems like a stripper/porn kind of site. Is this the case? Is MFI safe?

Bonez said...

Hello "anonymous" and thank you for visiting Bonez and playing with the Bonez Crew.

Bonez nor its staff promote My Free Implants. Yes, many of the women post soft porn pictures of themselves to reward their contributors or lure men willing to pay for a peak at a unknown woman's body to get their jollies. Seriously, that is the only reason I or anyone else I've talked with can comprehend why men would give up their money to complete strangers for a breast augmentation operation. They have hidden motives of secretly hoping they will benefit from their donation through sexual e-mails and photos and potentially live meetings.

Is it safe? I have not heard of any molestations or other crimes being perpetrated against any of the MFI participants. Not hearing and no harm as a fact are definitely two different matters. Is it safe for a woman to flaunt herself to the world via the internet with sexual teasing in hopes of getting money for something they want? In most places that's considered prostitution and yes, prostitution is dangerous. Dangerous to the individual and to any relationships they have outside of the MFI world.

Your impressions of the site being ran like a soft porn site is absolutely correct. That is exactly what it is and how it attracts donors for its unpaid visual prostitutes. Whoever thought it up has made lots of money selling women's dreams of having larger breasts and being sexier. Whoever runs the site has prostituted naive women into participating and even compromising their moral standards in order to lure more money to the site.

Am I against women having breast augmentation? Hell no! Am I against seeing semi-naked women looking at me alluringly and talking sexy to me like they really give a shit who I am personally? Hell no again. I am not "against" any of this or even MFI being a soft porn site. I AM against anything and anyone that abuses, deceives or manipulates anyone to compromise their principles and profit from it.

Woo, I am sure this is way more than you had anticipated. Me too :)