Sunday, June 11, 2006

Paris Hilton + Music Video = Oxymoron?

Paris Hilton's music video "Stars are Blind" at YouTube is surprisingly "adequate" or even above average. I was totally prepared to hate it completely but found that I enjoyed it. So, now I begrudgingly admit it isn't half bad and Paris seems to have gotten her money's worth.
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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I still refuse to watch it.

thethinker said...

It was a waste of a few minutes of my life.

Bonez said...

Maybe I have a broader range of musical tastes than most ;) Believe me, I've heard much worse that has passed for professional entertainment. Nowadays anyone can be a great singer with all the technical magic that can be run on a voice in a studio. As for the video itself, I've seen much worse even with hit songs. I think Paris will have a long row to plow since she will be fighting against her image as a bubble-headed bleach blonde and brainless party heiress versus serious singing talent looking to break into the biz. She can buy whatever fantasy she wants and this is but another one she's purchased.