Friday, June 30, 2006

USC Professor Bares Breasts Online

naked teacherDiana Blaine, a U.S.C. professor posted topless pictures of herself on her personal website and now finds herself in the national limelight. She claims the notoriety has come from couple of bloggers who are "conservative USC students who have dedicated themselves to attacking me" for an "anti-rape paper" she wrote.
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Jon said...

Waa wah, she has the nerve to attack people that sought to bring attention to her after she made the decision to post the pictures online and now she has to face the repercussions for her person decision. I think she needs to stand up and accept the personal responsibility for her actions instead of seeking to blame so called "Conservative USC Students". Seems like she is looking to deflect the attnetion from her and blame someone else for her actions, shameful!!!!!!!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Proves to me that people are just a hypocritical bunch of idiots.