Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bus Pirates: Episode 1 "Bad Luck"

As a gentleman o' fortune I be goin' t' post this last high tide' (September 19th) fer th' offical International Talk Like a Pirate Day but missed th' opportunity. Here`s another website dedicated t' Talk Like a Pirate Day that likes t' brag about th' number o' page views they get. I must admit that I be a bit envious o' the'r impressive numbers an' be thinkin' o' creatin' an official International Bonez Tide. Hardee har har. Visit these sites if ye would like t' learn t' talk like a buccanneer an' be th' envy o' yer shipmates an' family. Here be a buccanneer speak translator fer them o' us who be too lazy t' figure 't ou' on our own. Ya bilge rat whut deserves the black spot! If ye want t' be seein' Episode 2 then click here, ya lily livered scurvy dog!
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