Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jesus Camp: Liberal Anti-Christian Propaganda or Christian Terrorist Training?

This trailer is meant to scare and confuse Americans. If you judge solely from this two minute trailer, Jesus Camp is a documentary about radical fundamentalist evangelical Christians brainwashing their children to become physical defenders of the "faith" much like Muslim jihadists. However, further research of reviewers paints an entirely different picture. Were the Christians duped into a elaborate Liberal anti-Bush plot of misinformation in an attempt to smear fundamentalist Christians and Conservatives? Maybe it all depends on which side of the political fence you are on but the trailer seems to support that theory. What is the true agenda of those who financed and made this film? [Jesus Camp website] [ABC News Update]
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Bonez said...

I think one of the disturbing points of this film is that the directors obviously chose a radical group of Christians and took everything out of context. The selection of a group of, what on the surface, looks like a bunch of American Southern redneck obese trailer park trash and depict them as the "norm" of fundamentalist evangelical Christians across America is an outrage. The comment that there are 80 million such individuals that if banded together could control the government is a further contorted lie to scare the American public. How could what I am sure is a well-meaning and genuinely sincere group of people attempting to bring up their children in an atmosphere of faith allow themselves to be so manipulated into portraying themselves as potentially dangerous fanatics and lunatics?