Friday, October 20, 2006

The Illusion of Real Beauty Perpetuated

No wonder our views of beauty are so distorted. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an admirable attempt to educate women that they can be comfortable in their own skin. However, I feel Dove hasn't gone far enough since their focus is obviously sexist in that it ignores the plight of men who struggle with the very same image problems perpetuated by media. Men are inundated with the illusion that they are less than real men and are unattractive to women when compared to the hairless, tanned, zero body fat, six pack abs, square jawed, metrosexual studs that gaze out at them with their steamy bedroom eyes from billboards, magazines, movies, commercials and the internet. There seems to be no place for the norm or reality as the norm is less than beautiful and unattractive according to the lies fed to us by the fantasy machine media. Dove and other companies are making inroads but much more needs to be done. Of course, it all begins with each one of us individually as we take an inward look at how we perceive ourselves and know who we really are. Then we need to take an honest look around us at our fellow human beings and open our minds to the fact that we are all, both female and male, beautiful in our uniqueness and individuality and we don't need to buy in to lie that we are less than what we are.
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