Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Iraq War Profiteers Murdering Our Troops

When will Americans wake up and see they are being duped by their government and the corporations that run it? The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is being used to put billions of dollars of misdirected monies into the pockets of the warmongering corporations and politicians who orchestrated its reality and most Americans sit by dumbly and ignore the facts. Conscious Media Network interviews Robert Greenwald on his latest movie, Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers and discusses war profiteering. Most of the interviews in the film are with actual Halliburton and its subsidiaries' employees as well as our troops themselves. $45 for a six pack of Coke? $100 to laundry soldiers underwear? Water treatment plants that turn out dangerously contaminated water for our soldiers to drink and shower in? Billions of taxpayers' dollars going into the pockets of Halliburton and its paid government goons. These are crimes against the people of the United States that need brought to light and justice rendered.
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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Great post. Well articulated as always. Your site really looks good. Love those three columns.

Bonez said...

Thank you, EuroYank. Your suggestions of the three columns was just what the blog doctor ordered :) I seem to still be having problems with formatting in IE but nearly as bad as before. Look for further "improvements" to the Bonez layout in the future. Thank you also for your positive comments on the post. The more I find out about the real facts of what is going on "behind the scenes" the more angry I get. It is hard to separate rumor from fact, though. For instance, have you heard that Halliburton is secretly building detention camps inside the U.S.?

Eric V. said...

The report about the detention camps is no rumour. It hit the financial headlines in january 2006 (but of course not the mainstream media headlines. Who needs to worry about those silly ol' detention camps when we have much more important things like Paris Hilton's latest antics to worry about).
The contract is for $385 million, although knowing Halliburton, the final bill will no doubt be twice as high.

All one needs to do is look underneath the radar of the mainstream media to find out what is really going on in America. There are still countless websites on the net that do this for us.
But the mainstream media labels those sites as left-wing anti-american in order to stop ordinary people looking into them. It works to a certain degree, but there is an increasing number of americans now who are really sickened by what is going on. The only reason we are not aware of this is, again, that it is not mentioned by the TV or newspapers.
Ponder this for a minute: the latest Zogby poll shows that only 16% of americans believe Bush's official story about what happened on 911. That means that 84% believe the administration is lying or is deliberately hiding something.

In other words, the conspiracy theorists have finally been vindicated. It is the official explanation that is the crackpot conspiracy theory. Not the other way around. You still want proof? Look into the facts surrounding the collapse of the third tower in NY on the day of 9/11 and ask yourself why the mainstream media has always swept this story under the carpet. At least they have done until now. Once they realise that too many people know about WTC7, they'll undoubtedly come out with some new theory to explain its collapse. But it'll remain a bulls**t story.

I know how it feels Tony when you say the more you find out, the angrier you get. I've been experiencing that ever since I discovered the truth behind 911.