Thursday, November 09, 2006

Billy Bob Neck and Shelley the Republican

I've debated making this post as it could serve as additional publicity for a duo of very scary individuals that I discovered through a podcast of Citizen Against Lies. In podcast #81 A Long Strange Trip/Religious-Right hostess citizen Shelly introduces us to Billy Bob Neck and his zealous ultra-right-wing evangelical fundamentalist ravings. As you listen you don't know if you should laugh or cringe. Surely this person is some sort of prankster who's created this caricature of an exaggerated stereotypical ultra-conservative radical fundamentalist Christian who's vision of Christianity is one of hate, racism, and sexism (to say the least). If Billy Bob thinks his crude and crass behavior is the way to "bring people to the Lord" then he is more of a fool than he even pretends to be. Yes, I think a lot of his behavior is an act and his way of garnering attention and notoriety. Another strange factor is his major support of someone calling themselves "Shelley the Republican" who posts such grossly hate-filled lunacy that it boggles any sane thinking person's mind. I caution you to visit Billy Bob's and Shelley the Republican's sites with an understanding that you will be not only offended (even if you are a Republican) but possibly frightened that such people actually live amongst us. In my opinion, their rhetoric isn't any better than the extreme Islamic terrorists' and even scarier since they are in our own backyards.
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Citizen S said...

It's almost hard to be offended by someone with such a deformed mind, but that's up to the listener I guess. Thanks for mentioning my interview with him. It was a shock to find out how "they" think, that's for sure! Now that the elections are over maybe they'll crawl back into their snake handling dens and stay there!

Yes, he was funny, the way people who slip and fall are 'funny' - tragic-funny.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna try and talk some sense into you but then I saw the pornographic video of the that girl dancing to the muslim music and, forgive me, Jesus, I just ain't sure I'm up to the task.

God is Love!

Bonez said...

I would like to thank both Citizen Shelly and Billy Bob Neck for visiting Bonez. You are both such unique and intriguing individuals and I am glad I've had the chance to be exposed to you both as it has definitely expanded my intellectual horizons :)

God's Peace to you both.