Friday, November 03, 2006

Censorship and Propaganda in the U.S. Media

This documentary presents the filtration system that all Middle Eastern news and most world news goes through before it is presented to the American public. Having traveled Europe myself, I was aware that U.S. news sources are extremely biased in their presentation of world events and rarely present the whole truth or picture. If not through outright misdirection of the truth (read "lies") then by leaving out any information that may be construed as detrimental to the U.S. or Israeli causes and interests or contrary to the view they wish most Americans to have. Most Americans rely strictly on U.S. sources for their news and information which tragically limits their world view and understanding of the reality of events as they are really happening. Fortunately, the complete picture can be compiled by those willing to spend some time on the internet investigating other non-U.S. news sources. However, this obviously takes more effort than the average American is willing to make and so the censorship and propaganda machine is not truly threatened with enlightened individuals questioning what they are fed. Yes, our government and media rely on the laziness and apathy of the average American to keep them empowered to continue to dilute the news with their own versions of events and history.
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