Saturday, November 04, 2006

Holy War, Inc. by National Geographic

It's been over five years since that terrible day of September 11th, 2001. In the days that followed, the American public was convinced by our government that we were at war with terrorism and that Afghanistan and the evil Taliban were harboring those responsible for the attacks that killed nearly three thousand people of all races and nationalities. Osama bin Laden was pegged as the leader, mastermind and director of those that carried out the attacks and he was promptly declared world wide public enemy number one. We were told that nothing would stand in the way of finding him and bringing him to justice.
It's been over five years since that terrible day and Osama bin Laden is still free even though tens of thousands more have died in the never ending war on terrorism. A war that was expanded beyond the Afghan borders and became less defined in its objectives and its morals. A war that often seems to have less to do with stopping terrorism than in trying to exert American authority and control over the Middle East. A war that has both devastating civilian and military casualties as well as vast profits for corporations milking the people on both sides of the conflict with false promises they never deliver on while lining their pockets with blood money and American tax dollars.
The image of Osama bin Laden served its purpose and has now been tossed aside in favor of new demons to scare Americans with. The current administration has effectively demonstrated that scared Americans are weak-willed and submissive to their decisions and rarely question the logic or sanity behind those decisions no matter how far fetched they may be. Scared Americans will sacrifice their very freedoms, their money and even their sons and daughters in a desperate attempt to stop the threat they've been led to believe in. The threat to their way of life and security. The threat to their finances and freedoms. The threat to their sons and daughters.
Scared Americans are like sheep led to the slaughter by the very shepherd they entrusted their lives and country to.
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