Monday, November 06, 2006

The Movie 1984 Reminds Me to Vote Tomorrow

George Orwell's 1984 reminds me that tomorrow is mid-term elections and I have to get out and vote. I feel this is a bigger impact election than many people may think. Do I think that the results of tomorrow's vote will turn around everything that is bad and set right all the wrongs? Of course not, but at least it is an opportunity for Americans to let their voices be heard and hopefully a chance to send a clear message that we are frustrated with the way things have been going. I am still the dreamer that believes the world can be a better place if only given the chance.
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Anonymous said...

Hi sweet man!!! how have you been doing? I love seeing Charles' picture up!! I still think of you both often!!

I got an email with your comment in it and HAD to come by and say hi and offer a cyber hug.

I am NaNoing this year, you were right hee hee hee smart man! Just started but I'm sure now you will findit ;)

I'll be back sweetie. It was so good to hear from you!!! (((hugs)))

Indeterminacy said...

I voted absentee (from Germany). I'm glad that people in America finally realize what's going on and what's at stake. (I will wake up tomorrow to the results).

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we wake up tomorrow and not have to shake our fists becuase of stolen elections. Let's also hope that hope for a better future will flourish again.

Bonez said...

Yeah, I voted today and it was one of the damned electronic voting machines. One lady was raising hell about not having a hardcopy or paper trail of her vote and that she didn't think it was right. I agree with her. Talk about unfulfilling and being left with the feeling and wonder if your vote really counted. Where did it go? How can we be sure that it is really counted at all? I don't mind using computers to vote but I still think there should be some sort of paperwork trail for voters to feel more confident with the results. I know I will be watching the returns very closely tonight.