Thursday, November 16, 2006

Past Bonez Greatest Hits Haunt Me

Okay, so I do keep looking at my Site Meter statistics and wondering if they are telling me something about how I can improve my blog. For instance, I have posted some interesting, informative and maybe even insightful pieces that I was sure would generate some great feedback in comments only to have it never even show up in my pages visited section on Site Meter. At the same time, there would be something I knocked out in ten minutes on a whim that would end up receiving visits for months and be linked back to by several sites. One of my Paris Hilton slams even ended up quoted in an article on blogs featured in a New Delhi newspaper but did any of the hundreds of Indian visitors ever leave a single comment? Hell no. So, why do I get lots of hits but no comments on some of the posts I would prefer to forget and no hits (thus no comments, obviously) on posts I spend hours of research and editing on in hopes that someone out there will find it of interest? Thus goes the fickle finger of fate called blog traffic.
So, when I look at what past posts are generating hits from the search engines I see that items I posted about months ago are still daily at the top of the pages visited lists. And to be honest... they aren't really that good. For instance, HOOPZ video post was something I put up just to say I posted that day (not the way I will operate from here on). I didn't even know that Hoopz is some pop star diva dancer and titled the post HOOPZ is Sexy Latin Dance Video. Yet this single post consistently drags in visitors from search engines and other sites that link to it on a daily basis so my ignorance of who or what Hoopz is hasn't hurt my stats.
Another one that I find interesting for it to still be getting so many hits is the series of posts on Aerosmith's Steven Tyler struggle with Hepatitis C. The funny part is that the more thorough and recent posts don't receive the hits but the original preliminary post does. Celeb posts always draw more hits but especially if the celebs were diagnosed with some disease or were caught naked. No, I don't have any naked pictures of Steven Tyler so don't even go there.
The other old posts that still draw a daily audience are the thirty million dollar bikini, woman falling through bubbles, holy hotties preach porn salvation, and the classic I see your camel toe.
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