Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The People Speak Out Against the Death of America

Just as voices crying in the wilderness of endless despair, these three gentlemen are attempting to bring the message about the Fall of the United States to the People. Who's listening? Who's comprehending? Who really cares? Is Big Brother so fully entrenched that the definitions of Truth and Lie are now interchangeable and ambiguous? Have the People really been convinced that War is Peace and they have no voice or choice? Where are the real patriots of America's Freedom and the basic rights and privacies of the individual? Who is strong enough to stand up for the People and declare we no longer want a government based on lies, fear-mongering and hatred that wishes to impose it's regime on the whole world?
The government for the People and by the People has become a mockery and fancies itself the government of control of the People and manipulate circumstances to strengthen their power over the People. A government that is no longer satisfied with destroying just their own country but is taking the ideology to the world and cramming it down their throats. The People are told that the government must do this to protect them but, in fact, the government's actions only make the People more vulnerable to attack and fuel hatred from the world community at large. The government of fear seems to be effective in keeping the sheep submissive but there are men and women who are waking up and starting to share their thoughts. Thoughts the thought police have yet to steal from them. Thoughts that demonstrate that free-thinking persons maybe are not as scarce as the government would like them to be.
Are these three men representative of the voice of the Common Person? Are their efforts to boldly voice their opinions in a very public forum wasted on deaf ears? Are they possibly marking themselves and their families as potential threats to the very country they love? Marked by the neoconservative government they take the risk of speaking out to change?
Bush Burns ConstitutionThis post is so full of questions. Questions that need to be contemplated by people who are no longer afraid to think for themselves and stand up for their own opinions without fear of being ridiculed or branded as unpatriotic. People who have actually read the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and can make sound political choices based on the very documents that our "leaders" are supposed to be upholding.
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