Wednesday, December 20, 2006

American Dictators and Silicone Sex Dolls

U.S. soldiers suicide rate in Iraq doubled in 2005

Archie comics get a makeover with new stylized Betty and Veronica that is more lame than before. Can the Archies fit in the 21st century?

52 new plant and animal species discovered on Borneo Island. Will they find the chupacabra or yeti next?

Scientists' amazing Diabetes breakthrough discovery could lead to a cure

Silicone rubber sex dolls bring satisfaction and mixed reviews in the Tokyo sex trade

Insaniquarium is a simple fun and addictive time wasting flash game

Take a break with an artsy short film featuring Supermodel Eva Herzigova in next to nothing at all

Did North Carolina court house security camera capture a real ghost on tape?

Turn your digital camera upside down for better portrait photography

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Anonymous said...

I am currently in IAA, Insaniquarium Addicts Anonymous. It is the stupidest game on the planet and I can play it for hours.

Happy Holidays, Tony!

Bonez said...

Hope you don't spend too much time in Insaniquarium because there are rumors that some people never return to their previous normal selves after prolonged exposure.