Saturday, December 23, 2006

Atheism Part II and Female Teacher Sex Offenders

U.S. troops in Iraq tell Defense Secretary Robert Gates that they want more troops to reinforce them as soon as possible

Little boy recalls past life in great detail

Giant dinosaur bones unearthed in Spain

Japanese J-idol Yuzuki Aikawa in a sexy video called BOMB wearing ribbons and lingerie

Mysterious Egyptian glass created by meteorite crashed into the Earth between 100 and 200 thousand years ago

Katie ReesMore revealing and uncensored pictures of Miss Nevada Katie Rees exposing her breasts and fondling and kissing other women (NSFW)

A Libyan court convicted five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor of deliberately infecting 400 children with HIV and sentenced them to death, despite scientific evidence the youngsters had the virus before the medical workers came to Libya.

Flu pandemic like the one in 1918 - 1920 could kill 62 million people worldwide

Another epidemic is the number of female teachers having sex with students. Here's a short list of recent cases with pictures.

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