Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beanstalk Bunny and Sexy French Massage

Ten myths and ten truths about atheism

Neural stem cells may be used as drug delivery systems for anti-cancer drugs to cancer cells.

Play the free online game Alien Adoption Agency

Pictures of the top ten blogger babes of 2006

Here's your chance to get your very own authentic Alien facehugger egg.

This girl has the fastest hands. You will have to watch this video several times to really grasp how fast she is moving.

Jennifer SkySome sexy poses of Jennifer Sky.

Palper Rouler massage video demonstrating the proper technique of the French massage used to beat cellulite and move fluids and toxins out. I think it is more of an excuse to fondle the young woman's thighs and bottom much to her delight.

More bad news in the struggle to create an effective AIDS vaccine with the HIV virus hitting the immune system of the intestines early.

Robot deer captures unsuspecting poachers.

Do Arabs have a love affair with America? Arab News thinks so.

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Happy holidays, and great new look to the blog. Check my first post;something you can use!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Tony. I was thinking of Charles today and you and had to swing by and cyber hug you.... love the knew's soothing. Best of 2007 to you sweetie!

Bonez said...

Hiya EuroYank and Cyli! Thank you for the visits and the positive comments on Bonez's new look and feel. I am trying to "simplify" my life for 2007 and create a "de-stressed" lifestyle in all aspects. In other words, something has to give before my poor mind does ;) EY, I'll be by soon as I am most days and see whatcha got for me to loot. Cyli... where the heck is your new blog?!?

Happy New Year to both of you and to all others who are too shy to comment.