Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fast Hands

Archeology fascinates me so anytime I find news about new discoveries I take note. There are lots of recent dinosaur discoveries that have rewritten what we thought we knew about them. Such as the finding of an intact Plesiosaur infant skeleton discovered in Antarctica.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Not! When Israel's Prime Minister Olmert's slip of the tongue was interpreted as confirming Israel has nuclear weapons. Slip of the tongue indeed. More like a strategic, less than covert warning to Iran and others that Israel is keeping their fingers crossed behind their backs when they claim to not have any nuclear weapons.

Just how small and insignificant are we humans? We are a million times less than a dust mote in God's eye. Let's put it all into its proper perspective with a little video education on how small the Earth is in relation to other objects in our universe.

Pamela Anderson poses nude again in the January 2007 issue of Playboy magazine. Ms. Anderson looks like a plastic doll instead of a real woman. The airbrushing is so extensive that her already highly altered anatomy looks completely artificial and more like a computer-generated character or manikin than a human. What a sad mockery of true feminine beauty.

Did you know that the people of Tunisia are still living in the Tatooine sets built for George Lucas' Star Wars movies?

In an evolutionary twist, a pride of super-lions thrive marooned on an island and prey on giant buffalo.

The WorldNetDaily posted an idiotic homophobic article about how soybean food products are turning our children into homosexuals. The commentary was written by Jim Rutz who also apparently used his radical "Christian" fame and fortune to nab himself a beautiful young Ukrainian woman at least half his age like she was some sort of mail order bride. Of course everyone knows soybeans are of the devil.

[Video is 2005 National Hammered Dulcimer champion Max Zbiral-Teller playing Apple Juice an original composition at Bard College]

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