Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Great Deception and Chupacabras

Wii Media Center X is a free multimedia server that allows you to stream pictures, music, videos and files from your computer to your Nintendo Wii.

Scientists close in on an anti-HIV protein that could lead to the accelerated development of an AIDS cure.

Cool pictures of an underwater restaurant.

Altered Oceans is a five-part series on the crisis in the seas.

A several decades old illustrated prediction of the future of video games. They were surprisingly close in their assumptions.

Mission in Snowdriftland is a cute (can I use "cute" on Bonez?) Mario-like flash game that is easy and addictive to play.

Christine MendozaVideo of Christine Mendoza who is an Asian superstar sensation from the Philippines.

Church's old web domain converted to a porn site.

An article entitled The Chupacabras: A Psychological Test Come To Life? puts forth a very interesting supposition.

Another "best of" or "top 10" list of 2006. The top ten best astronomy images of 2006.

Single universal vaccine to prevent every strain of flu.

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Lots of GOOD STUFF HERE. You been busy - Looks Great!

Bonez said...

Thanks EuroYank. I could never hope to rise to the level of content generation that your wonderful site has accomplished. I am in awe of your complexity and amount of interesting and unique content. Keep coming back and keep up the good work.