Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb and Bosnian Pyramids

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb CGI Re-enactment Part I

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb CGI Re-enactment Part II

Damn Interesting - Using viruses as cancer assassins isn't a new idea but one that holds promise over existing treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Elise's sensual water play video.

After Iranian President Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel and questioned whether the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust took place he decides to buddy up to Pope Benedict XVI in hopes of diverting U.N. sanctions.

DARPA creating robotic and bionic cyborg army of the future today.

Parasite turns women into sex kittens and men into slobbering doofuses.

The official home of addictive game Line Rider. Check out the video on the opening page.

Sofia VergaraI don't know who the hell Sofia Vergara is but she's number 33 on AskMen.Com's list of the top 99 most desirable women of 2006.

Giant ancient pyramids discovered in Bosnia.

Inventor of water-powered car murdered.

In line with Stephen Hawking's vision, the search for an "Earth" beyond our solar system begins in earnest.

Renee Zellweger delays very bad signs of aging with a 'sandblasting facial' and toxic chemical peels.

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