Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Limited Government and Bouncing Boobs

101 amazing facts about the Earth. How many do you know?

Young boy's body turning to bone and the exoskeleton will kill him.

Choosy Moms choose Nintendo Wii. Nintendo's viral marketing approach seems to be paying off.

Cup of green or black tea may help to boost memory and counter Alzheimer's.

Watch the infamous Nissan bouncing boobs commercial and learn about independent suspension.

The SETI project has made alien contact and the government is blocking the truth.

A natural bridge discovered on Mars.

Salma HayekPictures of Salma Hayek promoting something but most men don't care what it is.

Joan of Arc was not the woman you were taught she was. She was down right slutty and a royal bitch according to the real story Ole Blue the Heretic tells.

Good news... a potential cure for alcoholism discovered.

Why do people let idiots like alleged psychic Sylvia Browne cruelly torment their memories of deceased loved ones? Watch as Sylvia tries to convince a woman her husband didn't die in the collapse of the twin towers.

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