Sunday, December 03, 2006

Old News is Good News

To assist in creating the Orwellian world and reduce humans to gibbering illiterate government-controlled zombies the education officials in New Zealand will now allow students there to use "text speak" on written tests. This means text messaging shorthand like "ur" for "your," "smthng" for "something," "cu" for "see you, and others will be treated as standard English instead of the nonsense they really are. Way to raise the bar on educational levels.

And how do people come up with the sums they are asking in lawsuits? For instance, Ohio family that got doused in urine, feces and toilet paper through their open sunroof from a passing Greyhound bus unexpectedly dumping its toilet contents. They are asking a mere $280,000.00 for the lovely experience of bathing in excrement. I would have been demanding a hell-of-a lot more, myself but it is an odd figure to be asking for instead of a round number like 500,000 or even a cool million for their troubles.

Kudos to Amsterdam and the Dutch people for planting a sapling taken from grafts of the chestnut tree that Anne Frank watched while hiding from the Nazis. The original tree had to be cut down since it was dying of a fungus and the horse chestnut moth.

Speaking of Nazis, Sacha Baron Cohen keeps getting his ass sued for his idiotic, hate-mongering, and offensive character Borat and the banal movie he made. Good for him. There is enough hate in this world without paying for it as comedic entertainment.

[Video Created by Vancouver Film School graduate Rani Namaani]

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