Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shrek 3 Trailer and Ant-Eating Parasitic Fungus

An ambitious site full of deeply researched posts is Damn Interesting. No exception is the recent post on Project Daedalus, the unmanned starship that could reach our nearest star system neighbor in 50 years.

Hop on over to i am bored and check out the parasitic fungus that eats insects and looks like something from a bad science fiction movie.

Ex-U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia as well as a loud-mouthed, sensationalistic attention-grabber with no sense of social propriety. McKinney's laughable gesture of trying to start impeachment actions against George Dubya and his Halliburton-controlled Vice, DICK Cheney, was only a sour grapes departing shot as she got the deserved boot from Capital Hill. However, on a more serious note, there are some good reasons to consider impeachment of these buffoons and I am sure these ten only scratch the surface.

A brief history of the Illuminati, or at least one person's opinion of it.

adventures in cyberia"When Lindsey caught Dave in the hottub with Tonya, she knew things had hit rock bottom. She called Britney and Paris and all three girls decided to move in with Sister Immaculata." Thus begins another segment of my favorite on-going online psychedelic soap opera known affectionately as Adventures in Cyberia.

Contortionist archer hits the bullseye every time... even when shooting with her feet! Her name is Lilia Stepanova and these performances are from America's Got Talent TV show.

Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2006.

Nine inventions that Thomas Edison did NOT make but is traditionally given credit for.

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