Saturday, December 09, 2006

Things I Learned from the Internet Today

Gisele Bundchen keeps her sexy bod by eating cheeseburgers and you can't trust honest people and Frank Miller's 300 is going to an awesome movie and civilization older than the Egyptian pyramids was discovered under the sea near Japan and Dolly Madison loved oyster ice cream and Santa Claus conquered the Martians back in the 50's and Bernadette Soubirous still looks beautiful after being dead for over 127 years and expensive hotels can be carved from solid ice and the world's largest aquarium has a live cam and carbon monoxide alarms really work and can save the lives of those you love and Catherine the Great did not die while having sex with a horse and you need a lot of time and bandwidth to cover the "hump day" post at Ole Blue the Heretic's blog and women are some of the best pin-up artists and drag queens are getting uglier and Japanese TV commercials are horrific but mesmerizing and we can time travel with our minds.

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