Monday, December 18, 2006

U2 Window in the Skies

Learn how to read sexual body language and what your sexual body language is telling people. It may not be what you thought.

IGN decided to give a nice Christmas present for all the Nintendo Wii fantatics this year with the FREE guide for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Are they terrorists? Radical extremists? Anti-Science and hatemongers? You decide after reading the seven things you did not know about PETA.

I posted something similar recently but this video that demonstrates the scale of size in our universe is very clear in how small we really are.

Breaking News: The Mark of the Beast, 666 is coming sooner than you think and it is all the fault of technology. Big Brother's advance guard is on the move and no one is safe. Hide your children and protect them from the embedded microchips of Satan.

Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Allegedly, these are the 99 strangest news pictures of 2006 complete with explanations but most appear to be standard fare stolen from Yahoo! AP News pics.

Whomever thought up this asinine and dangerous prank on unsuspecting joggers and bikers should be thickly covered with animal feces and dumped into a dung beetle pit.

Realism in gaming does not mean better graphics... but it does mean better physics. Witness the ultra or hyper realistic video gaming demonstrated in The Room where realism is taken to a whole new level of detail and real-time interactive dynamics are the key to realism.

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