Thursday, December 07, 2006

U.S. Government and Arabs Hide Reality of Water Powered Car

EuroYank has posted research on the water-powered car and the possible murder of it's inventor, Stanley Meyer. Please visit EuroYank to get started on your own investigation of this amazing story. "Amazing" simply because it is hard to believe more people don't know about it and "amazing" in the fact that it has been so deeply covered up by Big Brother.

Other videos demonstrating water powering engines are: Denny Klein's Hydrogen Technologies news report, Paul Phantone's Water/Fuel Engine demonstration, 80's Stan Meyer TV news interview and his water-powered dune buggy, and don't forget the documentary It Runs on Water narrated by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, futurist and author. There are other videos out there to discovery for yourselves.

Stanley Meyer called his invention the water fuel cell. Since the water fuel cell violates the first law of thermodynamics many scientists say the claims for the development of such a device are considered pseudoscience.

Pseudoscience? On that point I adamantly cry "bullshit!". All new and great potential societal-altering inventions were considered heretical or pseudoscience when they were first introduced to the world. Stanley isn't the only person to have discovered the power of water and he won't be last to be silenced (he died by poisoning in 1998) by the big oil-driven companies and governments. Remember... it's always about MONEY and obviously someone thinks there is less money in water-powered devices than in polluting oil-powered devices.

I consider Stanley Meyer a martyr in the fight to release ourselves from oil dependency. He dared to imagine a world that wasn't caught in the Arab and big oil company stranglehold of artificially controlled oil prices. He dreamed of a power solution that would be friendlier to the environment and auto-renewing. He was offered vast amounts of money to keep his findings quiet and ultimately paid the price with his very life.

I wonder whatever happened to the Pentagon contracts to create water-powered Humvees...

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Anonymous said...

Why is that you don't hear about this kind of things often? There should be someone working on this on the private sector, no? where can I find more information about this?

Bonez said...

I would suggest clicking some of the video links in the post and then Googling the topic of water-powered vehicles. You may be surprised what you find.

gcallah said...

That it's all a hoax?

Bonez said...

Possibly a hoax but there isn't enough evidence to support that theory, either. In fact, there is much more documented evidence freely available online to support the possibilities of water as an alternative fuel and energy source.