Saturday, December 16, 2006

Vampire Bikers and Mutant Cloned Cats

Copy Cat, the world's first cloned cat, has kittens and they are not mutated monstrosities much to the disappointment of many anti-cloning activists.

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There's new hope for stem cell therapy that generates cells tissue-matched to the donor. How will the misguided religious zealots try to hamper this research?

Adidas Adicolor campaign produces another eerily beautiful video called Pink that is as creepy as it is mesmerizing.

Scientists discover the gene that controls pain perception and hopes it leads to the development of new drug therapies with less negative side effects.

Just as the Iraqi insurgents are importing "outsiders" and bombers to kill and destroy, the "other side" also hires about 50,000 mercenaries to do their dirty deeds. Here's a mercenary's first-person story.

The race to the moon is more about nuclear supremacy than it is exploration or colonization of space.

What do talking whales and penis transplant reversal have in common? They are both part of the weirdest science stories of 2006.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Vampire bikers sounds like the title to a great B movie! ;-)

Bonez said...

I'm sure it's already been done since there is very little new under the sun. Isn't that an old quote from some ancient text? "Nothing new under the sun"? Anywho, you're right, it does sound like a great B movie title and the whole scene is right out of some B movie yet the girl was hysterical with fear. I thought it was cool when the vampire biker rode up beside the speedy SUV and reached over and smeared blood on her window. What a great effect and a dangerous stunt to do live.