Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vida Guerra's Beautiful Butt Airbrushed by FHM

While visiting Back in Skinny Jeans today, I discovered that the nefarious geek pervs at FHM airbrushed the ass-goddess Vida Guerra's backside and thighs and she's pissed. I wish more professional models would have the guts to say they don't like being airbrushed paper dolls and want to be presented in their real and natural state. I think it would make for much more interesting and tantalizing photo layouts since we would be ogling the real deal and not some computer generated apparition or artist's conceptualization of beauty. Maybe such models should go beyond just minor bitching on YouTube and start suing the publishers for misrepresenting them to the public. That is... if they sincerely give a crap and aren't just acting sanctimonious while gleefully spending the large sums of money said publishers are paying them to show their disputed airbrushed tender bits.

Ah, who am I kidding? Money wins out every time in this world. I think that if I were a model I would feel even more stress and pressure since I could never measure up in real life to the manipulated airbrushed images of me in the magazines. No wonder so many of them take to drugs and psychological disorders. I'm not talking about minor "make-up" enhancements to cover the occasional zit or appendix scar, but full-fledged body-altering computer-generated bogus bodies. Who can compete with that?!?

Come on people, you are all beautiful without all the computer enhancements. So stand up and strike a pose and insist on being presented as you really are... er, minus the zits.

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Great videos and pics, but after years of studying the opposite sex, I have come to the conclusion that they all look the same upside down!

Bonez said...

Que? I must contemplate this bit of wisdom, EuroYank, to determine if it is indeed a universal truth :) Thanks for visiting Bonez.