Friday, December 15, 2006

Young Frankenstein Peter Boyle Tribute

Post KatrinaNew Orleans is more of a crime-infested cesspool than ever with a murder rate ten times the National average. Police say only 40% of residents have returned but 80% of the criminals are back in action. Could any of this be related to the astonishing news of our government's and profiteering corporations' financial abuse of the Katrina victims I read about today on EuroYank?

Never surprised of what may come out of Amsterdam, I found that Dutch owned WunderWall can't figure out why the Nintendo Wii is getting all the attention when WunderWall is oh so much better. Um, are they even remotely serious?

Learn how Keifer Sutherland's 24 revolutionized TV and will continue to dominate in 2007.

BBC News investigation revealed healthy live Ukraine babies may have been murdered to harvest stem cells for a flourishing international black market trade.

See Jennifer Aniston in a Dutch Heineken beer commercial. Now is that anyway to treat a lady?

Wal-Mart pulls "Christian" video game from shelves and all hell will break loose with the Moral Majority. Hey, censorship is censorship even if the game probably sucks wind.

As if we didn't know they were dangerous enough, it is now revealed that cigarettes contain radioactive polonium-210 and lead-210. Polonium-210 is what killed former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. In a poor judgment move to allegedly save Litvinenko's widow's feelings, TV ads were pulled mentioning Polonium-210 in cigarettes.

Experiments on nonhuman primates are 'morally required' by drug testing as the only way to answer scientific questions of crucial importance to human health. The alternative is to force continued suffering on millions of human lives that may have been alleviated or even removed through such primate tests. Every year in the United States, more than 50,000 nonhuman primates are used in experiments that are often painful and frequently lethal.

Time for a break in the depressing news of the day and enjoy a short tribute to the beauty of the female form.

[Video is tribute to Peter Boyle from Young Frankenstein Puttin' on the Ritz]

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