Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Al Gore Trashes Bender and Chimera Chicken Eggs Fight Cancer

British forces planted nuclear landmines in Germany in the 1950's out of fear of an invasion by the Soviet Union.

Unveiling the Picodore 64... the Commodore 64 PDA!

Catrinel MenghiaRandom foreign babe of the day: Catrinel Menghia,

Prostate cancer can be halted with a drug which "strangles" tumor cells by cutting off their blood supply.

Serious plans underway for diverting and destroying a 40 million ton asteroid that will pass dangerously close to Earth in April 2029.

Bikini ModelsBikini Destinations: Venus Model Search. The search for the hottest bikini models is on for Venus photographers and talent scouts.

Vatican priests team with Italian police to combat rising tide of crimes attributed to devil worshipers.

Genetically engineered chimera chickens modified with human genes produce eggs that fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Nintendo's Wii can cause you to lose weight.

Girls of Iowa2007 Campus Girls of Iowa - College Swimsuit Calendar.

In-game movie Ghostbusters game prototype that looks really good.

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