Monday, January 15, 2007

Amazing Guitar Solo and End Time Prophecies

Amazing - video powered by Metacafe

An inventive teenager has created his own online massive multiplayer online roll playing game (MMORPG)that you can play for free and it is similar to Runescape.

Scientists find a potential "off switch" or genetic trigger for the HIV virus that causes it to fall into its latent phase.

Ali Larter strips in this hot scene from one of my favorite television shows, the mega-hit show Heroes.

Think you're pretty good with LEGOs? Well, take a look at the minutely detailed church one enterprising individual created with a few thousand little plastic building blocks and a lot of time.

As the war in the Middle East continues to escalate the CIA gets the Bush administration's go-ahead to take on Hizbollah.

Bastardly gives us a privileged peek at the beautiful Olga Kurylenko for our eye candy viewing pleasure.

Enigmas beg question of extraterrestrial interventions on human society.

Most Americans doubt if President Bush has any integrity left and many people think he never had any to begin with. Keith Olbermann takes a look backward at the Commander-in-Chief's credibility or lack thereof.

Marisa MillerPhotos and video of supermodel Marisa Miller in a saucy photo shoot for Sauvage Swimwear.

Dark Roasted Blend always has such great articles like this one on the jet-powered locomotive trains from the mid-60's.

EuroYank takes a disturbing look at how American Christians and Israel may be waging war in order to fulfill prophecies and bring about the 'End Times'.

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